Thursday, October 11, 2018

Keeping it stiff

Wax on Wax off!

Stiffy McStiffy

I've had a request from someone for some tips on keeping a stiff upper lip so to speak.

Moustache wax is a matter of taste. Not wishing to court controversy, but I find the available preparations do not suit my needs when it comes to keeping dagger like points to my moustache so I make my own, in batches of various strengths..

 I shall divulge shortly, but first I shall digress slightly. 

My wife collects old books of Victorian and Edwardian chemists formulas,
and 'Materia Medica'.... yes I know... fascinating hobby! 
Anyway, within the pages of 'The Chemist and Drugist Book' for 1911, I found this.

It reminds me of 'My Fair Lady' 
'This man from Budapest there couldn't have been a ruder pest'

Ingredients for Hungarian Moustache Pomade
White or yellow wax
Distilled Water
Gum Arabic
Powdered soap
Bergamot and Geranium oil

Suffice to say I wont be making any any time soon. Neither will I risk, 
from the pages of the same tomb, 'Moustache Fixature'

" Wet the stopper with the Fixing Fluid and apply to the moustache, or apply 
with a tooth brush, then manipulate the hair into any form that may be desired. 
A comb held under the moustache will prevent any of the fluid touching the face. 
If any of the fluid gets on the face or fingers a little oil will instantly remove it"

The ingredients for the above:
Rectified Spirit
Essence of Jockey Club !!!!!

I have yet to discover what essence of jockey club is, though I know I have now wish to have it anywhere near my top lip!


Here is my own recipe
Bees wax
Soya wax
Sweet almond or Avocado oil
Essential oil of your choosing, (I use Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Rose geranium.)

The proportions depend on how stiff you want the end product to be, personally I like it good and stiff! I use 2 thirds bees wax, one third Soya wax, and a few drops of the other oils.
Everything gets gently heated in a metal jug until in liquifies, )should really use a water bath but life it too short), a few drops of the essential oils are added at the end. The liquid is then poured into small metal tins to cool and solidify.

Now I keep my tin on top of the central heating pump, that way its nice and soft for application, but once applied to the lip weasel, cools and stiffens a treat. 
Moustache usually pointy and intact first thing in the morning from the previous days application. Keeping it in the front trouser pocket usually keeps it warm enough for a further application.

I have heard the addition of a little dark rum into the mixture affects a pleasant aroma. But I drink enough anyway without wandering around with the smell of temptation under my nose

From application to the above photo was three days... just a twirl in the morning to set it right.

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  1. Jockey Club was actually a well known 19C men's perfumed preparation, very much like today's colognes and edts etc. Oriza L Legrand, an amazing perfumery in Paris have revived the scent from their old formula books and sell bottles of it now. I'm sure that I've got a formula for it somewhere in one of my old perfume books. I shall have to try and find it when I'm more awake.