Wednesday, October 3, 2018



Vintage is as vintage does, one mans vintage is another mans garage rag. 

In the fashion world 'vintage' is a much abused word, is a 1940's suit vintage? 
Undoubtedly. Is a 1960s suit vintage? Probably. is a 1970s garment vintage? 
Possibly. How about 80s or 90s? Well if you where born at the start of the new millennium
you would probably say yes, personally I would say no.. well not yet anyway. 

My take on the debate is, if I can remember wearing it first time round then it isn't vintage.

True vintage and vintage inspired clothing is what I like to wear. Its as simple as that. 

Mix and match the new and old to find your own personal style. thats my excuse
and I'm sticking to it. 

This is me, I'm in the Barbara Cartland Room at the iconic Brooklands motor track.

The suit I'm wearing is an original late 40s maybe early 50s double breasted affair, made and retailed by the Royal Arsenal Co-Operative Society in London England.
I'm rather fond of this one, the trousers are high rise with a width of 11 inches at the bottom, and it is an excellent fit.

As a bonus this ticket was at the bottom of the jacket top pocket, I wonder what was showing at the Garrick on Sept 10 and what year it was ?

This is what the theatre looks like these days

The suit was perhaps sold to some smart fellow in this building... 
where the society moved to in 1873. 

Or more likely this Art Deco wonder built in 1938-40... now converted to apartments.

The spearpoint shirt is from Darcy Clothing (reviews to follow), the tie is an original 1940s tie imported by myself from the USA. The pocket square was purchased on-line and is and old one. My collar bar is original 1930s/40s and came from a job lot of several different styles bought from an Ebay seller in Canada. My glasses are original gold and tortoise shell, bought at an antique fair and prescription added by local optician.
The hat is a Mason fur felt trilby in dark blue by the Susquehana Hat company, a hat that in my opinion punches well above its weight. I will be reviewing it in my next post!  


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