Monday, December 3, 2018

A suit that fits

I've been asked often, 'where did you get that suit'... well you would, wouldn't you its a really nice suit. For those in the know one look at the lapels should be enough to give it away. It is of course from Chester Cordite, I know I have already looked at one of his jackets in the inane ramblings I have no affiliations and I don't get paid or get free stuff! I just really like the style and the fit and the fact that the suits are made in England, and of strictly limited editions. And I have to say If You meet the man behind the company, his is as they say ' bloody good bloke '

This suit is a three piece single breasted, in mustard coloured herringbone tweed. The peak lapels and, the pleated and belted action back give it a classic 30s-40s look, like a film noir detective. What I love is that it's a well designed suit giving a unique style, not the direct copy of a demob suit or similar that are being offered by many companies ( although repro CC41suits are not a bad thing for reenactors purposes).  The construction and quality are excellent, and for an 'off the pet's the for is true to size and very good, with appropriate arm and leg length for each size. I usually take a 40 long, the suit my suit in the pictures here is a 40 and has no issues at all. Plus each suit is made in very limited numbers. You would be unlucky to bump into someone wearing the same.

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  1. great suit great over all look, consumate style. I clearly remember the world of my childhood where men looked just like that and I inhabit my own personal version of that world now... I remain jealous still of your handle bar points which I still fail to achieve for more than thirty seconds on the right hand side! which almost instantly droops whilst the left point shoulders on, alone.....oh well....keep up that image of style and elegance and masculinity...